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NaShoStoMo Day 6
A warship, Corporal Daniels ruminated, should look like a ship of war. It should be huge, blocky, and intimidating, boldly marked with the colors of its nation. It should be a thing of stark beauty formed in armor plate and fusion engine alike. A warship should menace with plasma cannons and missile banks. It should, in simple terms, tell the enemy that here was a half-megaton mass of "Fuck You" here to kick your xenomorphic ass back to the stars. A warship should have a name that spoke of power, like Enterprise , or one that spoke of battles long past, like Iwo Jima or Valley Forge.
It should not look like a giant orchid in space, and it should definitely not have a name like "Starlight Symphony."
"Try to hold back your prejudice, Corporal," Sergeant Lewisky said, chewing thoughtfully on a wad of spearmint-flavored gum. "In all the years since the Diaspora, the Conclave is the one human successor nation that's had a winning battle record against the Geist.
:iconmocaw:MoCaW 2 1
NaShoStoMo Day 4
The young man raised his drumsticks above his head and struck them together to the sound of glorious anticipation, then drove them down upon the cherry-red drums with their clear plastic heads to the rhythm of the falling rain. The thin batons of white wood crashed out the thunder and the lightning upon cymbals made of brass, while his feet drove the bass drum to the rhythm of the world's heartbeat.
The young man behind the microphone reached out into the unseen past, and his hand, wrapped around the black plastic hilt of his weapon, seemed to wrap around the hand of the weathered-faced aboriginal shaman from ten millennia ago. His voice called out the same chant that the first vocalists had cried out around the fire circle in forgotten ages past, the next movement of the eternal song that thrums through the twisted double helix of human history.
All else is accompaniment. Be it the elegant violin held in the long-fingered hands of the chamber orchestra concertmaster, or the electric g
:iconmocaw:MoCaW 2 0
NaShoStoMo Day 3
It's stuck in my nose, and I can't get it out.
I don't know how it got there, and honestly, I don't care. I just want the damn thing out of my fucking nose right now. I don't like that it's stuck up there. It tickles and it makes me sneeze a lot. And every time I sneeze, I look into the tissue and hope that, maybe, this time, I managed to sneeze the stupid thing out of my goddamn nose so it'll get the hell out of my goddamn head, but every time, all I see is snot and maybe the occasional goddamn bloody booger. It's so goddamn annoying it makes me want to scream. You get it?
Take it out? Well, it didn't like it when I tried to pull it out with a pair of tweezers. It extended these small tentacles, like spaghetti, and crushed the tweezers like eggshells. I tried using my mom's little pot-thingy that she uses to flush out her sinuses when she gets a cold. Yeah, it didn't like that, either, and it chewed at my skull. What did it feel like? It felt like sandpaper, and it hurt like hell.
:iconmocaw:MoCaW 2 1
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The blue-and-black banner of XCOM, with its saltire cross over the globe and stars, is at half-mast today. Humanity's last, best hope for survival has lost a true legend.

Colonel Tatiana "Flash" Lebedeva was one of the initial four soldiers to respond to the first confirmed Extraterrestrial incursion in her homeland of Moscow, Russia. From her humble beginnings as a rank and file soldier, she rose swiftly through the ranks as a Heavy Weapons Specialist, specializing in explosives as well as her trusty light machine gun. She was the first XCOM soldier promoted to the rank of Colonel, and, for twenty missions, led her men to victory against Sectoids, Floaters, and Mutons alike. She was there at the infamous Battle of Manchester, where she held the line against a wave of thirteen Chryssalids that threatened to destroy the entire city. She led the raid into the alien base, and was there when Major Shane "Twitch" Jackson fired the arc-thrower that captured the Sectoid Commander.

Ironically, it was this mission that would eventually result in her death. Although she was one of the first soldiers to enter Psionic Training, it was soon discovered that, despite her talents in leadership and combat, she was not one of the few soldiers gifted with Psionic ability. Passed over for the best equipment in favor of the new generation of psionic soldiers, she nonetheless fought valiantly with heavy laser and carapace armor.

She was killed on August 25, 2015, in Operation Vengeful Stranger: the defense of the town of Volgograd, Russia, against a combined terror force of Mutons, Berserkers, and Floaters. When the squad was pinned down by heavy fire, and flanked on all sides, Colonel Lebedeva personally risked her life and limb to kill the flanking force with an Alien Grenade. Shortly afterwards, a critical strike from a Plasma Rifle ended her life. Perhaps if she had been equipped with the new generation of Titan Armor, she could have survived.

Colonel Lebedeva was the first XCOM soldier promoted to the rank of Colonel, and the first of its Colonels to lose her life in combat. Her final combat statistics were 32 kills over 20 missions. She is remembered by her close friends and fellow Colonels Abimola"Tombstone" Manana and Colonel Willem "Ghost" Peters.

She will be missed.


On a side note: XCOM Enemy Unknown is a fantastic remake of a classic game, and I highly recommend it.


Miniskirts are cool and wispy
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