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SS: LotMB - Hayashi Eiji 01 by MoCaW SS: LotMB - Hayashi Eiji 01 by MoCaW
Hayashi Eiji, Sachiko's little brother. played by Jason Bjorklund.

Hayashi Eiji

Hayashi Eiji was born the second child and eldest son of the Hayashi Clan leader, Hayashi Daigoro. Though his birth was not blessed or cursed by so many lucky and unlucky signs as his elder sister Sachiko, his coming was a much anticipated moment of the clan. As the eldest son of the clan leader, it was expected that someday Eiji would take over as the leader of the Hayashi ninja clan.

Eiji's coming also brought forth a change in his formerly sharp spirited older sister. Perhaps it was just that she now had a target for her firey energy. Either way, Sachiko seemed to calm at his arrival, and he never had to worry about bullies. Eiji was quite fond of his older sister, even if she did go at great lengths to embarass him in front of the entierty of the female population of the clan.

With his older sister training to become one of the most powerful mages in the clan, it was Eiji's duty to become one of the elite ninja and train from the very best, including his own father. His training was difficult and long, mistakes were punished with more training, and Eiji would sometimes go for days and weeks without returning home. In the end, Eiji proved himself worthy of being one of the elite, becoming one with the spirits to serve Arathon as a literal force of nature.

It was finally time that Eiji would have to prove himself fully on his first real mission far away from home. The elves of Ambar Lond were slowly beginning to threaten the Kouei Islands by expanding south, exploring along the island chains that used to be much of Gisov before the Menace struck. While the other ninja clans focused on a show of force to deter the elves of Ambar Lond, the Hayashi clan concerned itself with the protection of the natural state of the spirits which inhabited those islands. Eiji was ordered to take a small group north to seek out and protect an area known to have great spiritual strength.

The ninja were guided by one of their mages to a vast ruin of a city. Eiji was well trained and could sense the great amount of energy given off by this place, it also gave him a foreboding feeling. The group found a place in the ruins to set up camp and called it a night. When Eiji awoke he was exhausted. Upon looking around he suddenly realized he was not where they had set up camp the night before. He immediately went into a stealth midset and inched his way back over to where his group had been. Along the way, he noted a number of corpses, all elves in various states of decay. Eiji was certain they had not been there the previous day. He stalked closer and closer to his campsite, unsure of what he would find. As he came upon the area, he saw the bodies of his companions. It looked as if they had been killed weeks ago.

Then Eiji realized something...the energy he'd felt upon first entering the was no longer there. Eiji knelt in prayer...meditating on his next move. His companions had been killed mysteriously, he was the only survivor, and some spiritual force was no longer present. In the end, his survival and inability to recall what had happened when the rest of his companions had died was a great stain on his honor. He wished he had been taken as well, but for some reason he hadn't been. He felt he could no longer return home in light of what had transpired. He also felt a duty to seek out whatever it was that destroyed his companions.

Eiji gathered up his belongings and disguised himself as best he could. He waited days until a ship finally came along. It was an elven ship from Ambar Lond. Eiji managed to sneak his way onboard and avoided contact as much as he could until he arrived on the mainland. He would spend much time contemplating his next move before moving onward...
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